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  In recent years, French has become one of the most popular foreign languages besides English. How to translate French well? Today's document translation brings you the knowledge of learning French translation.


  1. Accumulative study and hard training


  Learning French and Chinese well is the basic condition for a good French translation. Many people will have such a misunderstanding that when they come to a foreign country, they will no longer have to work hard to learn a foreign language, and their foreign language proficiency will naturally improve. In fact, working in a foreign country, foreign language learning environment is much better than at home. But if we do not consciously learn and accumulate, the level of foreign language will certainly not improve a lot. We often see that two young diplomats who have also worked in the French embassy for three or four years have almost the same French proficiency when they first arrived in France, but because one is diligent and eager to learn and the other is not enterprising and content with the status quo, for several years, the French proficiency of the two men has widened a great gap. Many people's experience has fully proved that even working abroad, they can not give up learning foreign languages and meet their daily needs. We should make full use of the good foreign language environment and strive to improve our comprehensive foreign language application ability faster.


  Reading newspapers, watching TV and listening to the radio should be compulsory courses for French translation every day. It is found that some vivid and vivid expressions should be recorded immediately with notes. When you have time, you often take these accumulated materials out for reading and reciting. When translating, if you happen to encounter similar scenes, you will always be able to get the finishing touches.


  A person who aspires to be a qualified French translator should regard learning French and Chinese as a way of life. He should be "persistent, tireless, and willing to learn"; he should not be satisfied with "basically able to cope with one thing" and "listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation" at a general level, and strive to raise his Chinese and foreign language level to a higher level with conciseness, fluency and accuracy. The ability to express oneself freely in language.


  2. Wide and in-depth understanding and mastery of background information


  If a French translator knows nothing or little about the contents involved in the conversation, it will be difficult to translate the materials accurately. If as a translator, he cannot understand himself, how can he let others understand your meaning? Therefore, it is very important for French translation to master the background information of France. It can be said that the more widely and deeply the translator understands the relevant background information of the topics he or she talks about, the better he or she will be able to translate.


  3. Pay attention to collecting and familiarizing with some commonly used abbreviations and abbreviations


  People often talk about many abbreviations and abbreviations, such as the NPC, the CPPCC, the "Three Benefits" and "Grasping the Big and Reducing the Small". There are many similar abbreviations and abbreviations in French, such as OGM (genetically modified food), TVA (VAT), NINI (neither privatization nor nationalization),... These abbreviations and abbreviations can easily become obstacles to French translation if they are not careful.


  In addition, French people are accustomed to using their English abbreviations when referring to important institutions and large enterprises in China, such as SDPC, DRC, CCPIT, CASC, CAAC, CNOOC and UNICOM. Although these abbreviations belong to "window paper" - - broken at one point, they often use them. It seems a little difficult for a French translator to memorize many of the above abbreviations, but it may often make a fool of himself if he does not surrender these obstacles. Conscio



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